Trewithen Dairy

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Trewithen Dairy – Happy Healthy Cornish Cows

From Farm to Dairy within 25 miles as the Cow Strolls!


The more care and attention the Trewithen farmers provide for their cows, the better the milk, cream and butter tastes.


At Dartmoor Bakery we chose to use Trewithen Dairy to supply us with our Milk, Eggs, Cream, Butter and Yogurt. We love the taste and quality and wanted to share this with you. Not only do we use their salted butter to spread on our rolls, toast and toasted teacakes, we also use their unsalted butter in our biscuits, cakes, snacks and pastries. We use their milk in our drinks and cooking too, their yogurt for breakfast and lunch, and cream in our cooking or to go with our products. We want to support the local farmers by paying a little bit more for our products, knowing that they are paid a fair price.

We also stock a range of retail products for your convenience, which can be purchased from our bakery, why not pick up a pint of milk and some butter while buying your loaf of bread.

Trewithen Dairy