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We at Dartmoor Bakery are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly so were very excited when ‘Taw River Dairy’ got in touch with us to see if we would be interested in retailing their milk From today Wednesday 27th August 2019. We will be retailing 1 litre bottles of Taw River Dairy golden Jersey milk. 
Their rich unhomogenised milk is sold in returnable glass bottles. The milk will retail at £1.60 with an additional £1 deposit for each glass bottle making it £2.60. The £1 deposit is either given back or taken off the next bottle of milk on return of the empty clean bottle.

The Story of Taw River Dairy 
Tucked away in the heart of rural Devon is Taw River Dairy, owned and run by Sam and Katie, a passionate, young couple with a love for animals and the countryside and a passion for natural farming that produces top quality dairy!
Their natural system means their Jersey cows are only milked once a day, and they only take the milk remaining once the calves have had their breakfast! They are a calf at foot dairy and their calves will remain with their mothers for approximately 4 months. At this stage they will naturally start to leave their side and ‘hang out’ with calves their own age!

Dairy Farming
Taw River Dairy has always been about the cows and the environment. Sam and Katie believe farming should work with the environment and not against it. They farm as naturally as possible and keep any animal medicine usage to a minimum and only when absolutely necessary, no antibiotics are used on their farm in Devon. Holistic grazing techniques help to build soil structure and organic matter, they even have thier own bees that help to pollinate their meadows. Low food miles and reduced carbon emissions are just a couple of the benefits of not buying in feed for the farm, as most concentrated feeds are made up of cereals imported from all over the world!

Golden Creamy Jersey Milk
A completely grass fed diet not only keeps thier cows happy, but also produces better quality milk for you! the cows rich diet produces the best tasting, golden cream topped Jersey milk with glorious high protein levels in every bottle!
Their ‘free range’ Jersey cows spend most of the year grazing out on their lush paddocks, right in the heart of the Devon countryside. In the winter when its just too wet and cold, the cows are housed and fed silage (pickled grass) and hay (dried grass), this protects the cows and our precious paddocks. It’s sustainable, natural farming that produces great tasting milk you can compare to nothing else. Once you have tasted their rich tasty milk, you simply wont want anything else!

Certified ‘A2’ Milk
Cows’ milk is about 87 percent water and 13 percent solids—the solids being a combination of fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and protein. Most of milk’s protein is casein and up to two teaspoons per litre of milk is known as beta-casein.
Most milk contains beta-casein proteins called A1, which have been shown to be hard to digest. It is now commonly agreed that people who experience discomfort drinking A1 milk may experience relief when they switch to milk like Sam and Katies, with predominantly the A2 protein. Around 60% of their herd are full A2 and some of their products are made with just A2 milk.

Pasture Fed for Life
A number of studies have found pasture fed cows milk to have higher levels of desirable omega 3, vitamin E, antioxidants and lower levels of undesirable omega 6.
In-fact grass fed cows milk contains double the omega 3 fat than conventional milk, omega 3 reduces inflammation in the body and is said to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Their milk has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is linked in the reduction of colorectal and breast cancers, diabetes and heart disease.