Kokoa Hot Chocolate Gift Bag


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Our small jute bag with one of our Joco glass reusable mugs, your favourite hot chocolate pellets and a bag of marshmallows.

Ivory Coast – Delicious white hot chocolate made using premium cocoa butter for a creamy texture. Sweet and smooth with natural vanilla From Madagascar

Venezuela – Smooth hot chocolate with 58% cocoa. A mix of two bean varieties, criollo and trinitario. From the regions of Sucre, Sur de Lago and Barlovento. Light and sweet with fruity notes.

Peru –  Organic 70% is certified by the Soil Association. Our portion tablets of real chocolate melted in hot milk makes the best hot chocolate!

Ecuador- Delicate hot chocolate with 70 % cocoa with a perfectly balanced flavour it has floral notes.  For many Ecuador produces the best chocolate in the world. We have selected their wonderful Arriba Nacional beans for our hot chocolate. At 70 % it is perfectly balanced bittersweet where the two flavours meet giving a delightful hot chocolate

Haiti – Rich bold hot chocolate with flavour notes of ‘roasted hazelnuts’. Dame Marie is on the Western tip of Haiti. By sourcing our cocoa from the farming cooperative we are helping support the local area.

Madagascar – 82% cocoa. Madagascan cocoa is mostly grown in the Sambirano region in family owned farms that many have been looking after generations. Despite the high cocoa content the high quality trinitario beans lead to a finished drink that isn’t bitter and has a great flavour and compared to a typical hot chocolate this has a low sugar content.

West Africa – Pure hot chocolate with 100 % cocoa. So if you are looking for a healthy hot chocolate or a luxury hot chocolate or quite simply a delicious hot chocolate then you must try!