Cream Tea for Two




When it comes to baked goods, few issues carry the contentions of the great scone debate: should the cream or the jam be spread first?

Cream tea has been served in the UK since the 11th century and arguments surrounding the order of spreading the scone’s traditional toppings have ruminated ever since.

While those in Devon typically spread the clotted cream first followed by jam, the Cornish tradition is to spread jam first followed by cream.

Our homemade Scones are made with Shipton Mill Self Raising Flour, Trewithen Dairy Butter and milk creating a light and fluffy texture complimented perfectly with our homemade strawberry jam finished off with Trewiten dairy Clotted Cream. We have also included 2 Tregothnan bespoke Great British Tea teabags, created by Tregothnan for number 10 Downing Street, designed to showcase to the world the very best of British produce. 

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Gluten and Milk